Are We Mentally Ready for the Next Technical Revolution?

Ethical & Regulatory Challenges of

Using Publicly Available Health Data

Dr. Peter Herrmann, Group Compliance Officer,

Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Allschwil

Remember What Your Mum Said: Eat Your Vegetables!

Can Type-2 Diabetes Be Cured

by Changing Your Life Style?

Dr. Ben van Ommen, Principal Scientist Systems Biology,

TNO, Zeist, The Netherlands

The Doctor in

Your Pocket

A Disruptive Approach to

Health Care Delivery.

Dr. Andrea Vincenzo Braga, Chief Medical Officer,

eedoctors AG, Bern-Liebefeld

Thank you to all participants,

we will publish the

proceedings soon. 

Institut  für Pathologie

Universitätsspital Basel

Schönbeinstrasse 40

4056 Basel


The Future

of Smiles

The Current Future of Healthcare in the Mouth.

The New Age of Dental Surgery.

MarkHill, VP-Head of Corporate Communication,

Institut Straumann AG, Basel

How BaseLaunch supports early Stage Healthcare Companies

Dr. Stephan Emmerth,

Senior Manager Business Development, BaseLaunch.

An initiative of, Basel

Greetings from the Department of Health

Plans to Address the Needs for Public Healthcare

Taking into Account the Aging Population of Basel-Stadt.

Dr.Lukas Engelberger, Regierungsrat des Kantons Basel-Stadt,

Vorsteher des Gesundheitsdepartments Basel

Ten Years Is

Not a Long Time

A Look at Data, Programming & the Idea of Statistical  Reporting over the Next Ten Years.

Magnus Mengelbier, Managing Director, LimelogicAB, Malmö,Sweden

2017 Life Science Forum Basel Event

The 10th Edition of the Life Science Forum Basel took place on

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

Institute for Pathology at the University hospital (USB)
The institute is centrally located in Basel near Totentanz and St. Peter's platz at Schönbeinstrasse 40. We will have two floors to ourselves and an area for exhibitions and coffee breaks as before.

Future of Healthcare –        

Promise and Perils of Genetic Data

Management Strategies to Minimize Risk

and Maximize Benefit.

Dr. Bhupinder Bhullar, Managing Director,

BasePort, Basel

What Kind of Values Make the Pharmaceutical Industry Go Around?

How Sweden & Israel Set an Aspirational Benchmark

in  Moving to a Value-Based Healthcare System.

Dr. Simone Wyss Fedele, Head EUCan GI Market Access,

Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, Zürich

"The New Age of Healthcare"