The 9th Edition of the Life Science Forum Basel

- eHealth-what is in it for the Patient - Download Full Agenda -

took place on Monday, 20th June 2016 from midday (12noon) at the

Pharmazentrum/Biozentrum of the University of Basel (LINK)

eHealth - what is in it for the Patient

Sustainable Research – How to Sustain IT

How Can IT and Software Tools Make Your Work in the Lab & Research Sustainable?

Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt, PhD,

NIUB-Nachhaltigskeitsberatung, Freiburg i. Br., Germany

Health Data – Who Owns What?

How the Individual Gets in Control  eHealth, Swiss Health Database Initiative

Ulrich Genick, PhD,

MIDATA Personal Data Cooperatives – My Data our Health, Schlieren

Breaking Down Taboos: The Reproducibility Problem Reproducibility of Results in Published Papers.

Sofia Georgakopoulou, PhD,

Co-founder & Director Non-profit organization Science Publication Network, Basel

eHealth Quo Vadis – How Soon Can Internet Knowledge Replace My Physician?
An Outline of eHealth Knowledge Management.

Pavel Kraus, PhD,

President, Swiss Knowledge Management Forum, AHT Intermediation GmbH, Pfäffikon

Validated Systems in the Cloud - A Paradigm Shift?
CSV and Cloud Computing

Angelo D'Annunzio,

Global Head Safety Workflows, pRED Informatics, Roche Innovation Center, Basel

Three R's for Open Medical Research Data: Re-use, Reproduce, Reward
Computer Assisted Surgery / Medical Image Repository.

Michael Kistler, PhD,

Sicas, Swiss Institute for Computer Assisted Surgery, Courroux

Affordable & Effective Risk Management for Small Businesses & Start-Up Companies

Requirements to Provide Risk Information to Investors, Insurers & Authorities

Andreas Th. Gitzi, Chem. HTL, FH, Geschäftsführer & Beratung,
TeRiskCo – Technisches Risk Consulting, St. Pantaleon

Am I Born to Be Wild?

How Do 30 to 60 Year Old Men Deal With Health in Everyday Life?

Frank Luck, MScN,

Zentrum Gender Studies, Universität Basel, Basel

The 9th Life Science Forum Basel took place on Monday, the 20th of June from midday onwards. You can download the presentations further below while the full agenda here can be found here - LINK 

Challenges of Personalised Health for Life Sciences

Clinical Medicine and Society How to Manage Personal Health Data in Switzerland.

Peter Meier-Abt, Prof. Dr. med., Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), Bern

The Balance of Supporting Powers

How Basel Economy & Authorities Fuel Life Sciences.

Deborah Strub, Handelskammer beider Basel (HKBB), Bereichsleiterin Life Sciences, Bildung und Forschung, Basel