​“Post-Marketing Safety Monitoring of Self-Reported Symptoms”

-  Mark Lambrecht, PhD, SAS Institute AG

The 7th Edition of the Life Science Forum Basel took place on Thursday, 19th June 2014
As from midday (12am) at the Pharmazentrum/Biozentrum of the University of Basel.

“The Risk, the Reg, the BRAT Framework – and How to Apply It”


Sheila Dickinson, Novartis AG

“Patient Level Data Sharing: Fostering Opportunities”

Martin Sauer, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

“Want to improve the Taste of Your Coffee? ”

- Olga Mykhailova, PhD, QualySense

Shared Innovation - Shared Risks

“The Swiss Transplant Cohort Study: A Role Model for Clinical Research”

- Prof. Dr. Jürg Steiger, UniSpital Basel, Chefarzt & Bereichsleiter Medizin, Transplantationsimmunologie

“How i-net Can Help You Turn Your Innovation Into Business”

- Stephan Emmerth, PhD, i-net Innovation network, Basel

Keynote Presentation: 

“How Universities Fuel Innovation in the Life ​Sciences”

Dr. Peter Eckard, Unitectra

“An Invention’s Tale: Risks and Opportunities”

​Frans van den Berg, PhD, Van den Berg IP

“What Big-Pharma Expects from Biotech Start-Ups to Achieve a Licensing Deal”

Youcef Fezoui, PhD, Freelance Biotech Consultant​

“What is Different in Rare Diseases Research?"


Raimund Sterz, MD PhD, RaySwiss

“Shedding Light on Genetic Regulation, Rheology and Nanostructure”

- Kevin Mader, PhD, 4Quant