Why are Children so Difficult?

klausrose Consulting, Pediatric Drug Development & More, Riehen, Switzerland,

Dr. med. MS Klaus Rose, Managing Director

Key note presentation

The World of «Branded Generics» – Critical Success Factors?

InterPharmaLink AG, Basel, Dr. Andreas Rummelt, Partner & CEO

An exposé of what can happen in the next years when R&D cannot deliver in time innovative drugs and the innovative drugs on the market run out of patent.

The life of a Clinical Data Point

Medidata Solutions, Hammersmith, London, UK,

Richard Young, Director, Regional Sales EMEA

Challenges and New Opportunities around

Product Development in the Life Sciences

How Much Virtual is Feasible?

The Limits of a Virtual Company

Vankan Consulting, Riehen, Switzerland,

Pierre Vankan, Private Consultant

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -

Risk Management in Drug Development

Quantelium Consulting, Geneva, Switzerland,

Evert Lamme, Freelance Consultant

Co-developing Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals: The Challenges

ErlaCos GmbH, Erlangen, Germany,

Christoph Bally, Private Consultant

Miniaturized Hand-held Navigation Systems for Medical Applications

Naviswiss AG, Laufen, Switzerland,

Dr. Bruno Knobel, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

The Impact of Light:

A New Approach to Cell Communication

University of Basel, Switzerland,

Dr. Daniel Fels, Guest scientist at the Institute of Botany

The 6th edition of the Life Science Forum Basel took place on 6th of June 2013


Understanding the evidence for editorial bias

Competence Centre for Methodology and Statistics (CCMS), Luxembourg,

Stephen Senn, Head CCMS